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The PACER is a built-to-order mobile glycol purification and reclamation system developed by Cimarron Tank. Founded in 1976 by John Moore, Cimarron Tank is the leading producer of glycol reclamation technology in the natural gas industry.  

The first commercial PACER was built by Cimarron Tank in 1998,

followed shortly by the acquisition of patents on the PACER technology in 2000. The revolutionary, no-downtime glycol reclamation system offers both cost-savings and operational benefits during gas production, processing, transmission and storage. 

The Moore Family

Cimarron Tank is owned and operated by the second generation of the Moore family, who strive for a superior level of performance and customer service that exceeds industry standards.

Derek Moore,
Co-owner and Director of Sales

Lacey Johnston,
Co-owner and Office Manager

Drew Johnston,
Operations and Purchasing

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