The PACER by Cimarron Tank

Boost Your Bottom Line with Portable, No Downtime Glycol Reclamation

Reclaim Spent Glycol

Keep your dehydrators online and reduce your glycol budget by up to 90 percent by cleaning spent glycol with the PACER’s patented vacuum distillation technology.

Remove Unwanted Particulates

From chlorides and sludge, to dissolved solids and other contaminants, the PACER utilizes the glycol in the dehydration system to aid in the removal of unwanted particulates.

Preventative Maintenance

The PACER cleans both the glycol and the dehydrator unit, combining mechanical maintenance with glycol purification.

Quick and Easy Transport

The PACER by Cimarron Tank is a self-contained, portable system that can be taken to virtually any dehydration site.

Industry Leadership

The PACER is a built-to-order mobile glycol purification and reclamation system developed by Cimarron Tank. Founded in 1976 by John Moore, Cimarron Tank is the leading producer of glycol reclamation technology in the natural gas industry.

Solve Your Glycol Challenge

The PACER by Cimarron Tank reclaims spent triethylene glycol, significantly lowering input costs while simultaneously removing unwanted organic compounds that pollute the air and are costly to dispose.